Friday June 17th 2011

The theme identified for critical consideration in Conversation 3 is:

‘Environmental Writing and Action’.

The event will explore what kinds of environmental action/response are produced by what kinds of creative environmental writing (CEW).

It will consider reformist, sceptical and radical measures, individual and social, local and global, committed and casual:

- If different CEW literatures make different sorts of appeal, do they also hold varying appeal for different readers from particular communities, sector interests and social movements?

- How does writing itself constitute environmental action and redefine values?

- Is CEW only read by the already active and concerned?


Reading for Conversation 3:


McIntosh, A. (2009) Where now 'Hell and High Water'? ECOS 30(3/4)

>> Download a copy


McIntosh A. (2010) Oh Donald Trump, Woe Donald Trump

>> Download a copy






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