The Values of Environmental Writing Research Network will hold three day-events styled as ‘Conversations on Environmental Change’, all to be held at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.


The dates confirmed for these events are as follows:

• Conversation 1: ‘Environmental Writing and Inspiration’

Friday September 17th 2010


• Conversation 2: ‘Environmental Writing and Communication’

Friday March 18th 2011


• Conversation 3: ‘Environmental Writing and Action’

Friday 17th June 2011



The research network aims to:

1. Build new research capacity by stimulating critical reflection on the interpretive, creative and political values that creative environmental writing creates for authors, individual readers, communities and specific sector interests.


2. Use novel conversational formats to facilitate networking and critical debate about creative environmental writing among humanities researchers, recognized authors, environmental activists and artists, civic leaders, policy-makers, conservationists and members of the reading public.



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