Tilly Gifford (Plane Stupid!)

John Wylie (University of Exeter)

Mike Robinson (Royal Scottish Geographical Society / ‘Stop Climate Chaos Scotland)

Geraldine Perriam (University of Glasgow)

Martin Muir (University of Dundee)

Greg Garrard (Bath Spa University)

Andy Brown (University of Exeter)

John Parnham (University of Worcester)

Timothy Morton (UC Davis)

Helen MacDonald  (writer; University of Cambridge)

Rachel Harkness (University of Edinburgh)

Hester Parr (University of Glasgow)

Kate Foster (Environmental artist)

Justin Carter (Environmental artist, Glasgow School of Art)

Andrew Radford (University of Glasgow)

Tom Bristow (University of Edinburgh)

Tim Collins (University of Edinburgh)

Eleanor Scott (Scottish Green Party)

Linda Cracknell (author and blogger: ‘Walking and Writing’)

Andrew Ray (blogger: ‘Some Landscapes: landscapes in the arts’)

Stuart Henderson (University of Glasgow) 

Kendra Strauss (University of Glasgow)

Robert Macfarlane (University of Cambridge)

Susan Waldron (University of Glasgow)

David Borthwick (University of Glasgow)

Isla Forsyth (University of Glasgow)

Hilda Zara (University of Highlands and Islands)

Richard Lowdon (University of Glasgow)

Paul Chatterton (University of Leeds)

North Kelvin Meadow Campaign

David Shuttleton (University of Glasgow)

Tim Dee (author; BBC)

Rhian Williams (University of Glasgow)

Alex Benchimol (University of Glasgow)

Hayden Lorimer (University of Glasgow)

Owain Jones (University of Gloucester)

Kathleen Jamie (poet)

Martha Wardrop (Glasgow Hillhead, Local councillor)

Robin Harper (Scottish Green Party, MSP)

Simon Pepper (Chair of Scottish Government’s Climate Challenge Fund)

Aaron Franks (University of Glasgow)

Alastair McIntosh (author)

Leah Gibbs (University of Wollongong)

David Sugden (University of Edinburgh; Chair of the Royal Society of Edinburgh ‘Climate Change Public Inquiry’)

Amy Cutler (Royal Holloway, University of London)

David Matless (University of Nottingham)

David Featherstone (University of Glasgow)

Bill Adams (University of Cambridge)

Bryndis Snaebjornsdottir (Environmental artist)

Ben Stewart (Greenpeace UK)

Adrian Shaw (Church of Scotland, Climate Change Officer)

Samantha Clark (University of West of Scotland)

Emily Brady (University of Edinburgh)















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